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Ultra high definition video security solutions for your home and business

Thanks to technological advances, CCTV solutions for both the home and business security market are more feasible than ever before.  At Briar Security, we install ultra high definition mega pixel digital CCTV cameras and server based network video recorders. These products offer the best image quality available, with results well beyond ‘broadcast quality' video.


To ensure that you get the right CCTV security system to best suit your needs and budget, we’ll happily undertake a free site survey to assess the property and security objectives; designing a CCTV system specifically for you and your needs. 


Instant access and impact

Like all security solutions from Briar Security, our CCTV solutions can be remotely accessed and /or monitored and can be smoothly integrated into one single software solution.  


Intelligent analytics

Our systems don’t just capture images for you, they intelligently understand exactly what those images may show too. Thanks to video analytics and algorithms, our CCTV offer ‘self-learning analytics’ – meaning the system reads the scene to make a judgement as to exactly what is being viewed and will only send notifications to you where there’s a correct reading (rather than an a false alarm for when a cat crosses the area for example).


As part of our efforts to make our solutions fully beneficial to our customers, at any time day or night Briar Security CCTV customers can remotely view video and audio via a secure web browser or App wherever there are.  Not only do Briar Security CCTV system alerts link to our self-monitoring system, but if needed, live and recorded pictures can be transmitted to our alarm receiving centre too.


If you have a security requirement for your home or business, or would like to understand the options available to you, please get in touch on 01223 262728.

his company and their staff are excellent in customer care and workmanship. The pride their engineers take into their work is truly unique and their superb cabling and installation is second to none. We highly recommend this company who are always available on the phone to help. We have dealt with Briar security for about 20 years.