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Although your possessions are financially protected by home contents insurance some of your possessions may be irreplaceable, so the best insurance you can have against them being stolen is having burglar alarms or a CCTV system installed so your house in London or the surrounding areas such as Cambridge is as secure as possible.


Whenever you leave your home whether it be for work, a weekend away or for your annual family holiday, you will have peace of mind that your burglar alarms or CCTV system is protecting your home and all its contents. Not only will these systems serve as a deterrent to potential burglars, the burglar alarm will also draw attention to any attempted forced entry to your property and the CCTV camera will capture all of the events for evidence.


Before we install one of our burglar alarms or CCTV systems we carry out a no obligation in-depth survey and risk assessment of your property at no cost to you. We cover a wide area from Cambridge to London to Milton Keynes and once your system is ready we will make sure you know exactly how it operates. Our service also includes 24 hour aftercare for our burglar alarms, whereby an engineer will visit you, day or night, if you experience any difficulties with your system.


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Control Panels


We use burglar alarm control equipment from the top manufactures which are chosen for performance, reliability, features, aesthetics and ease of use. All our panels are able to have Communication Devices fitted so they can be easily connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre so Police and local key holders can be instantly alerted to any breach of security. An essential option for London or city based living.


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Detection Devices


If you chose to fit one of our burglar alarms without installing a CCTV system, then our detection devices will be able to provide you with the most peace of mind. The primary form of detection in most domestic properties is the Passive Infrared (PIR) Movement Detector. For more 'hostile' areas such as the kitchen, conservatory or garage, a Dual Technology (DualTec) device can be installed.


Whether you are based in London or a remote rural area, for a household with cats and dogs, 'pet tolerant' detectors are available that can distinguish between the movement of domestic pets/animals and an intruder within the protected area. With this type of detector you can be sure your cat will not set your burglar alarm off in the middle of the night! These devices are also ideally suited to sheds and out buildings where birds, vermin, spiders and insects may be a problem.   


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Briar Security is based in the Cambridge serves a range of areas including London, we offer burglar alarms and CCTV systems for your home as well as other forms of detection. We can install a range of systems including: Magnetic Reed contacts, Break Glass detectors and Vibration sensors for windows and doors and more.


For more information about our burglar alarms, CCTV systems or other security services that we offer in London and surrounding areas please contact our team on 01223 262728.