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Prominent site in Cambridge gains peace of mind with a top of the range CCTV solution, thanks to Briar Security


The Cambridge Science Park was established in 1970 by Trinity College Cambridge and today features 1.7 million sq. ft. of high technology and laboratory buildings on its 150 acre site, situated on the city’s edge. 7500 people at over 100 companies are based at this prominent site; ranging from exciting start-ups to some of the world's leading technology businesses – with thousands of visitors each year too.


The original existing CCTV equipment across the Park was aged – with some parts estimated to be over 15 years, out-dated or at the end of an intended design life. Some CCTV elements were even completely un-operational. With such restrictions, the site also had very limited options in regards to data analysis or alerts.


The system on site also pre-dated a number of areas of the Park which had been redeveloped (or would be in the near future) and as such did not offer full or detailed coverage – and in some cases, no coverage at all.


As owner of the freehold, Trinity College Cambridge specified its needs for an enhanced CCTV system – and Briar Security was selected to deliver the system after a competitive tender process.


Making the best choice – choosing Briar Security


As a premier site in Cambridge, it was important to Cambridge Science Park that they partnered with a highly credible and proven CCTV provider, with in depth knowledge and expertise. The Park needed a supplier that could design and install the very best CCTV solution; developed from an understanding of all security products on the market.


Briar Security offers a full range of surveillance solutions to home owners and businesses. And with no defined contractual agreements with security and camera manufacturers, Briar can independently specify systems and software from any provider to suit a client’s brief and budget. Its state of the art intruder alarms, ultra high definition video and access control systems - as well as remote monitored CCTV systems - have been in demand in the Cambridgeshire area for over 35 years.



Briar security systems established from the initial concept for the new system that the existing infrastructure was inadequate to support a state of the art system, thus a completely new underground duct system needed to be installed to take the 6km of fibre optic cable that needed to be installed for the backbone of the new network, 6km of Cat6 cable, plus not to mention the new main supplies that were required to power the system which had to be installed by UKPN. The whole of infrastructure element was designed with 100% redundancy, making sure the investment will support the needs of Cambridge Science Park for many years to come.


Stephen Cook MD of Briar Security Systems selected the Avigilon artificial intelligent end to end solution for the project.


Avigilon is a world leader in the CCTV market, with it advanced Self-Learning Analytic cameras and Video management system. Cameras around the park range from 5mp to 8mp (4K), thus given unprecedented more detail. In fact the 8Mp cameras have over 24 times more resolution than some of the old cameras.


Through the use of advance pattern-based analytics and teach-by-example technology, Avigilon video analytics are designed to increase the productivity of security personnel while making monitoring more affordable and efficient.

Avigilon advanced video pattern detection technology is able to accurately recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion not relevant to a scene. Embedded into cameras up to 5K (16 MP), the system’s ability to constantly learn reduces false positives and helps ensure alerts are meaningful, which avoids wasted time and improves efficiencies.


The Avigilon teach-by-example object classifier technology enables users to provide feedback about the accuracy of alarm events generated by Avigilon devices. Rather than decreasing analytics sensitivity to reduce false alarms, the feedback trains the device, increasing the accuracy of the analytics used to determine which alarms are real and which are false to further improve a low false-positive alarm rate.


Over time, the system learns the scene and is able to prioritize important events based on user feedback. This increases sensitivity to conditions that are of concern while reducing false alarms to keep a focus on what matters.


This project was featured in Business Weekly on 18 February.

Thanks to Briar Security, Bidwells and the rest of the project team Cambridge Science Park has the security that one of the world’s leading technology centres deserves.

At Briar Security Systems we help you make the best choice for your needs. Stephen Cook, Managing Director of Briar Security Systems, selected the Avigilon artificial intelligent end to end solution for this project.