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Peace of mind with a sophisticated intruder alarm system


When working with our customers, the first security step most of them take to protect their Cambridge home or office is with the installation and maintenance of burglar or intruder alarms. It's a worthwhile investment if you want to protect the contents of your home or if you have a responsibility for the security of your customers, employees and premises.


We've been expert installers of intruder and burglar alarms in Cambridge and surrounding areas for over 30 years, we're here to help you with yours.


Burglar and intruder alarms from brands like Risco, Vanderbilt and Pyronix really do offer you peace of mind. Whilst no one ever wants to think their home or office will get broken into, it does happen - and the impact that this would have is almost immeasurable. Securing your Cambridge property with a cutting edge intruder alarm designed to meet your needs and budget means you really are protected. The installation of an intruder alarm is an immediate deterrent to a possible intruder - but in the event of an intrusion, the sophisticated intruder alarm systems from Briar Security will immediately notify you and allow you to take appropriate action in order to minimise loss and damage.


Helping you identify risk and outline solutions


Your property and security solutions will be designed around your requirements and needs. After an initial conversation with you, we'll arrange to come out and visit your Cambridge property to undertake an in-depth survey and risk assessment at no cost and with no obligation. Utilising our high levels of expertise in this security area, we will immediately be able to identify areas of the property that could be at risk and prepare a proposal for you that outlines the very best approach for a new intruder alarm system. 


Expert installers, ongoing support


If you proceed with intruder or burglar alarms from us we'll agree a date for our installers to carry out the installation, outline our requirements for the inside and outside of your Cambridge property and highlight likely timescales. Once your system is ready we'll ensure you are presented with comprehensive training and instructions.


Thanks to our exceptional customer service and maintenance contracts, we'll make sure that your intruder alarm system continues to deliver protection and peace of mind. We provide a 24 hour aftercare service for all our systems, whereby an engineer will visit you day or night whenever maintenance is required. You can find out more about our Briar Security service and maintenance here.


Advanced online systems and peace of mind from remote monitoring


Whilst we never want your property to experience an unauthorised intrusion, if the situation does occur, your intruder alarm will send an immediate notification thanks to our highly effective remote monitoring systems. During the survey for any of our intruder or burglar alarms, we'll talk through our range of remote monitoring options with you. When looking to invest in a complete security package, we'll talk to you about the integration that's possible between multiple systems too.



Alarm control equipment from leading manufacturers

We partner with the very best manufacturers, with products chosen for high performance and reliability, enhanced features, aesthetics and ease of use.  


Flexibility and choice on alarm transmission systems

All the panels we install are capable of having communication devices fitted to link to our NSI Gold Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre; meaning the Police and local key holders can be immediately alerted to any breach of security.  A highly popular service and one that is essential for many of our customers.   

Bespoke options for commercial environments

For commercial property, we can install specialist detectors designed for areas like corridors, meeting halls, large open plan offices and warehousing.


Technology led detection devices

Our detection devices have been specifically chosen due to their proven reliability, movement detection rate and suitability for application.  Other forms of detection include Perimeter security - to protect your property at a higher level before an intruder enters - as well as Magnetic Reed contacts, Vibration sensors for windows & doors and Break Glass detectors where needed.

Briar Security has the skills, experience and technology know how to ensure you benefit from a bespoke system from professional brands like Risco, Vanderbilt and Pyronix that are perfect for your needs. Give our Cambridge team a call on 01223 262728 to discuss your requirements.

I used Briar Security to fit an alarm system to my 300 yr old thatched cottage. They were very knowledgeable and sympathetic to the restrictions of a listed building not to mention the asthetics. I am very happy with the service I received and have no hesitation in recommending them.