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Whether you need the security of a single door with simple mechanical door lock, either a phone/video entry system or a large multi-site PC based software-controlled program, we can help.


With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to keep your home, property or business safe in the Cambridge and Huntingdon area.


Access control is primarily letting the “authorised” people conveniently in at the right times, as well as keeping the “unauthorised” people out. In most cases, the requirements around securing a door are the same, but differences based upon the level of the security of the door can change. It is important that a system can be flexible to meet these changes. We cater to both domestic and commercial access control needs throughout the Cambridge and Huntingdon area.


The Vanderbilt or Paxton security software we install has been developed in response to market requirements in access control systems; a program that benefits from a simplified operator web interface using the latest technologies such as mobile apps. Presented by Aliro, this gives end users the flexibility to utilise remote administration and operation, ensuring simple and effective usability.


Our Access Control system works with entry cards – but there’s no need for users to use several cards, when one will do the job of all of them. Our unique card verification will be able to provide one card for multiple uses; offering personalised Photo ID cards that can incorporate biometrics, smart chips using MIFARE or DESFire technology, signature strips and company logos too. A single card becomes hugely flexible, but with no loss of security – with the ability to enable auto vending and barcode logging facilities as well as standard access control.


Talk to us about the range of options on offer from brands like Vanderbilt and Paxton to find out which approach is right for you. Whether you have a home or business in the Cambridge and Huntingdon area, call our team on 01223 262728 today.

Friendly and hard working engineers, fantastic staff overall such a great company with a vast range of products and top quality systems.