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Protecting your business is of paramount importance to both you and us, it’s our job to care about your security. Let us help you to identify the areas of your property at risk and find the best solution for your company. Business owners have the responsibility for the security of their customers, employees and premises.


We cover the Peterborough, Milton Keynes and London area and our range of state of the art intruder alarms will provide you with the essential security solution.


We want to make sure that you get the best solution for you as possible, and as every intruder alarm system is different we provide a free site survey and risk assessment of your premises in London or the surrounding area. Once we’ve carried out all the necessary checks we will then be able to recommend the ideal solution for you.


With nearly 30 years of advising businesses, Briar Security works with companies in London, Cambridge, Peterborough and the surrounding areas. No matter how large or small your operation, we have the experience, skills and technology to ensure you choose an intruder alarm system that is perfect for your needs.


Control Panels


We use only intruder alarms and control equipment from the leading manufacturers which are selected for their performance, reliability, features, aesthetics and ease of use. All our panels have to option to fit Communication Devices so they are able to link up to our Alarm Receiving Centre so that Police and local key holders can be immediately alerted to any breach of security. An important service for London or city based businesses.


Detection Devices


If you decide to install one of our intruder alarms you are choosing a company who not only provide a superior service but work with the latest technology and offer innovative solutions. In all commercial premises, whether in London or the surrounding area, we fit Dual-Tec detectors as standard. We also fit specialist detectors, designed for areas like corridors, meeting halls, large open plan offices and warehouses.


Even if your business is located in the central London, 'Pet tolerant' detectors are essential and are now available when you purchase one of our intruder alarms. They can distinguish between the movement of animals and an intruder within the protected area. These devices are ideally suited to warehouses and farm and out buildings where birds, vermin, spiders and insects can be an issue.


Briar Security covers London and surrounding area such as Cambridge and Milton Keynes, we offer security systems and intruder alarms for your business as well as other forms of detection including; Magnetic Reed contacts, vibration sensors for windows and doors and Break Glass detectors.


For more information about any of the services that we offer in London, Cambridge and the surrounding areas please call our team on 01223 262728.