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With almost 30 years' of experience and vast amount of industry knowledge, we can provide you with the perfect security system for your Essex home and/or business, ensuring that your properties are secure at all times.


We offer the most innovative CCTV technology here at Briar Security, including; full-HD digital cameras and recorders that have the highest picture quality available on the market, full colour/infrared cameras, as well as single black and white fixed cameras with display monitors. We can also design multi camera/multi-site systems for your home or business with video motion detection, a PC viewing package, digital storage and playback.


It is essential that you get the right CCTV security system perfectly tailored to your requirements. Bearing this in mind, we can supply you with a free no obligation security survey of your properties at their location in Essex and surrounding areas. The information gained will then allow us to recommend to you the best personalised system, be it fire and intruder alarms, access control or CCTV systems needed to fully protect your properties.


We may recommend to you a remote operation multi-site/multi camera CCTV system if you have more than one property, home or business that you want to protect from intruders. The benefit of this system is that you can virtually patrol your sites all from one location. Therefore your security officer at your head office in Essex for example, can keep an eye on the rest of your ‘sub sites’ throughout the UK, saving you money as you will no longer have the cost of employing multiple guards at all of your different company locations. You will also be able to personally check on all of your premises as our systems can be viewed from a normal web browser any time anywhere.


Once the CCTV system is installed in your home and/or business, any images that are captured are then transmitted to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This enables the ARC to confirm to you whether an alarm activation was genuine or not, and thus directs any emergency services to an exact location if and when they are needed. Another added benefit of the ARC is the ‘listen in’ and ‘talk back’ features when audio capability is installed alongside it, allowing communication between those on site and off.


Call our friendly team today on 01223 262728 to find out more information about our CCTV, intruder and fire alarm or access control security systems in Essex and the other areas we supply to.